Building a tasty backend

Or... How spending a small amount of time to polish your admin areas can keep you, and your clients, sane. Drupal provides some fantastic administration and forms out of the box. There's the main content screen where you can filter your content and perform actions. There's the user management area where you can view, add, block and delete users. Let's not forget node add and edit forms. And while some of these are great for user 1, when building sites that regular humans want to manage they don't always fit the bill. And while Drupal offers the dashboard and toolbar shortcuts in core they don't work too well. But by stripping back what you're showing your end users, and creating new, simplified ways to manage their content, your clients might just end up loving you a little bit more. This session will focus on providing clients/content managers, with a simplified, easy to use, no nonsense, awesome, delicious, and overall useful experience on their site. It's born of the frustration I had when originally developing with Drupal back in the day, and thinking "Wowsa, this is powerful!" Then, "Oh crap, I need to hide most of this so my tech-phobic clients can just do what they need to do." Through the use of some contributed modules such as views bulk operations, contextual administration and field group, some menu tweaks, combined with a small rethinking of Drupal's add content forms, we'll delve into making Drupal easy for your clients, so you can just focus on the fun stuff, shorten your training time, and stop fielding support requests. This is by no means a "be all, end all" of how to structure your sites, but more of a "Hey, this is working for me pretty darn good, so I thought I'd share the love with whoever is interested" (Sharing other types of love will NOT be part of this session). Other opinions and tactics are most certainly welcomed during the discussion. This is essentially beginner skill level, but Drupal users of any skill set can benefit from this session by thinking about what they are showing the people managing their sites, and how to deliver an end product your client can easily use.



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